Code of Canon Law [1983]:

New marriage law promulgated by Pope Francis on 8 September 2015:

Instruction “Dignitas Connubii” [2005]: to be used by Tribunals in processing nullities:

Catechism of the Catholic Church:

Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura:

Tribunal of the Roman Rota:

Birmingham Metropolitan Tribunal [designated appeals tribunal for Scotland]:

Canon Law Made Easy

A few straightforward books to help understand what marriage nullity is in the Catholic Church:

“Annulment: 100 Questions and Answers for Catholics”, by Peter Vere and Jacqi Rapp:

“Annulments and the Catholic Church”, by Edward Peters:

“Annulment: the wedding that was. How the Church can declare a marriage null”, by Michael Foster:

“Marriage, Divorce and Nullity: A guide to the annulment process in the Catholic Church”, by Francis Morrisey and Geoffrey Robinson:

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