Making Contact by Email

Email contact is by far the most effective and efficient way of contacting the SCI Tribunal. It is easier and more convenient for you, since you are not restricted to our opening hours. It is easier for us as it allows us to direct emails to the appropriate recipient and ensures that messages aren't lost. The use of email means that there is also a clear record in black and white of how things have unfolded. That is good for everyone.

We are happy to deal with routine requests by email but the most serious matters (e.g. asking to nominate a witness) require a signed and dated letter sent by post. We, of course, understand that not everyone uses email and, if so, please feel free to contact us by the Royal Mail. 

Making Contact by Telephone

The Tribunal telephone number, 0141 427 3036, goes direct to a voicemail service. Unfortunately we do not have enough staff to answer calls "live", and the staff who deal with cases are usually only in the office one day a week. Our staff will though check the answermachine and get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure to leave your contact details and, if you have a case with us, it is very important that you leave the case reference number [e.g. 18/2]. 

Please note, it is obligatory that any complaints, questions, etc., which are directed to the Judicial Vicar and/or Presiding Judge, leave a paper trail, and so should be done by email or letter. All written exchanges of this nature, but under the direction of the Judge, are entered into evidence so that, at the proper junction of the process, each party may see what the other has written in the exercise of their right of defence.

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